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A Brief Note on Knowing and Humility

Epistemic humility is not the same thing as epistemic relativism. Epistemology is the theory of knowledge. To have “epistemic humility’ is to admit that our knowledge is limited because our perspective is limited. Paul says, “We know in part…we see through a glass darkly” (1 Cor 13:12). We really do know (true knowledge), even if … Continue reading A Brief Note on Knowing and Humility

Consider What Your Children Are Watching

The issue: The LGBTQIA+ movement has become ubiquitous in America, even in communities that are overwhelmingly conservative, rural, and far removed from urban centers. Technology and social media has made the distance between Nebraska and LA virtually meaningless (especially when LA makes all the TV shows people in Nebraska watch). Now, the companies responsible for … Continue reading Consider What Your Children Are Watching

Good Diversity, Bad Diversity

God has decided that He would display His creativity through making many different kinds of people: gender, ethnicity, age, etc. Image bearers are a diverse people. But God’s image is not the only source of diversity in humanity. Sin also affects us all uniquely leading to a diversity of depravity. Some people’s sins look different … Continue reading Good Diversity, Bad Diversity

Review: 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity

How will the church help Gen Z believe, understand, and defend the faith? How will they be able to make winsome apologetic arguments to an age group that has been shaped more by Instagram and TikTok than books or syllogisms, who find personal experience to be more persuasive than just about anything? Rebecca McLaughlin has … Continue reading Review: 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity

Justice Needs a Foundation

In 2009, a thirteen story building in Shanghai was about to open up to the 500 residents who had already rented out each apartment. The builders, however, had poured a shoddy foundation and began to dig a large pit right next to the building for a parking garage. After a rainy day eroded much of … Continue reading Justice Needs a Foundation

On Persuasion and Abortion

Most who will read these chapters live under some form or other of democracy. That means, in the end, that we must persuade a lot of people on a lot of points. In a democracy, if you cannot do that, you lose. Suppose…that by powerful manipulation of electoral forces you manage to win sufficient strength … Continue reading On Persuasion and Abortion

The Violence of the Bible

I have been virtually absent from my blog since I began seminary. I have toyed around with the idea of posting some of my papers I have written on here, but have always been certain that no one would probably want to read them. However, below is a paper I wrote for my Ethics class … Continue reading The Violence of the Bible

A Pillar of Truth

If you were born in a slum in India would you have the same worldview you have today? Would your definition of “right”, “wrong”, “truth”, and “beauty” be different? Would your religious beliefs be different? Most likely. But does this mean that all our beliefs about the most important things in life are merely a … Continue reading A Pillar of Truth

Slippery Words

Imagine with me that the outcome of WWII was reversed. Nazi Germany wins and extends its dark empire across the globe. But also imagine that in time the dictatorship slowly evolves into a half-way form of democracy, allowing the people to vote to install cabinet members and defense secretaries and so on. Friedrich, a promising … Continue reading Slippery Words

When Unity Hurts the Church

One night, a matter of a few hours, was all that separated Christ from the brutality of the Cross. The pain of His closest friends abandoning Him, the horror of the Father’s wrath towards sin. What did Jesus do to prepare Himself, to steel His courage for Good Friday? How did He emotionally and psychologically calm Himself … Continue reading When Unity Hurts the Church

“Nietzsche is Dead.” – God

Friedrich Nietzsche, God’s alleged murderer/coroner, seemed to lack any fear of the chaos that God’s death would bring, but rather passionately plunged himself into the oncoming torrent of darkness.

The Bible and Homosexuality

At Sola, we recently discussed the topic of the Bible and Homosexuality. I spoke to a room full of students between 6th and 12th grade, along with their parents – below is the audio for the lesson, as well as the follow up Q&A session. Because of time restraints, I simply was not able to cover … Continue reading The Bible and Homosexuality

How is that Loving?

This is the third part of my transcript of my talk on the Bible and Homosexuality – you can find the audio and the other parts here. “Okay, I see that is true – but man, doesn’t that sound harsh?” That is a common sentiment among young people when they encounter the Bible’s teaching on … Continue reading How is that Loving?

God’s Design for Sexuality

This is the second part of my transcript of my talk on the Bible and Homosexuality – you can find the audio and the other parts here. The Bible tells us that in the beginning God created everything, and He created it “good”. Hebrew scholars often refer to God’s design for creation with the word shalom. … Continue reading God’s Design for Sexuality

The Ugly Dance

This is the first part of my transcript of my talk on the Bible and Homosexuality – you can find the audio and the other parts here. With the recent surge of LGBT activism that has swept our nation, I have seen many people interact with and dialogue about the good and the bad things that … Continue reading The Ugly Dance

Bono, Grace and Karma

This is an excerpt from U2’s lead frontman, Bono’s self-titled book, Bono: In Conversation With Michka Assayas. The two are in the middle of discussing the spectrum of different religions, and Bono notes the main difference: Assayas: I think I am beginning to understand religion because I have started acting and thinking like a father. What do you … Continue reading Bono, Grace and Karma

The Hurricane Has Become Human

Many people say, “Sure, I believe that Jesus is a great teacher, but I can’t believe what they say about him being God.” That creates a problem, because his teaching is based on his identity claim…Here is how historian N.T. Wright puts it: “How can you live with the terrifying thought that the hurricane has … Continue reading The Hurricane Has Become Human

No More Good Guys

What does the Bible tell us about Walter White and Tony Soprano? Are they accurate representations of real humanity? Well, kind-of.

Challenging Your Faith

I spend a lot of time speaking with young people, most of whom are in college, and a conversation I have found myself having often involves them slowly putting into words unspoken doubts, questioning whether or not their faith is genuine or if Christianity is even worth believing in. I love being able to have these conversations … Continue reading Challenging Your Faith

Alone With God – C.S. Lewis

An impersonal God?  Well and good. A subjective God of beauty, truth and goodness inside our own head?  Better still. A formless life force surging through everyone – a vast power we can all tap? Best of all. But a living God – pulling at the other end of the cord approaching at infinite speed, … Continue reading Alone With God – C.S. Lewis

Freedom & Predestination: C.S. Lewis and Perelandra

This is an excerpt from the second book of C.S. Lewis’ space trilogy, Perelandra. The book follows Dr. Ransom, an inhabitant from Earth who is whisked away to another planet, where He comes into contact with several other alien species. All of these species, however, submit to the great Creator over all, Maleldil. Ransom quickly discovers that … Continue reading Freedom & Predestination: C.S. Lewis and Perelandra

The Gaping Hole in Self-Discovery

I am currently reading a book by pastor, theologian and author, Kevin Deyoung, and stumbled across a fantastic quote on the plight and logical inconsistency of “staying true to yourself” and never conforming to an outward standard: In our secular Western society the truly good person is the one who has learned to be true … Continue reading The Gaping Hole in Self-Discovery

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