40 Questions for Pro-Lifers Who Lament the SCOTUS Decision

Perhaps you have seen posts on Facebook since the Supreme Court decision, Dobbs v. Jackson, that run something like this: “I am not pro-choice myself, but this is a tragedy for women’s rights.” I have personally seen a number of people who would identify as “pro-life” but who have gone out of their way to lament the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Perhaps you are someone who holds this perspective yourself. If so, here are some questions:

  1. If you are not pro-choice, why?
  2. Do you believe that an abortion is the killing of a human life?
  3. Is the child in the womb a person?
  4. Do you believe that laws should protect human life?
  5. Do you believe laws should especially protect those most vulnerable and incapable of defending themselves?
  6. Is there anyone more defenseless than a child in the womb?
  7. How would you explain to someone that you (1) believe the child is a human person, (2) laws should protect human persons, but (3) we shouldn’t make laws that protect the human person in the womb?
  8. Are there other injustices where innocent lives are killed that you oppose personally, but would hesitate to require legal protections against?
  9. If you lived in the Jim Crow South and wanted to end segregation and white supremacists told you to stop “legislating your morality,” what would you say to them?
  10. Why are laws protecting children in the womb any different? Why impose your own moral standards in one instance, but demure in the other?
  11. How long have you believed that Roe v. Wade shouldn’t be overturned?
  12. Did you disagree with other abortion restrictions that were in place prior to Dobbs that ostensibly removed a choice from a woman after a certain time period? If not, why not?
  13. At what age (gestational or outside the womb) would you say the law should intervene to save the life of a child about to be killed, regardless of the parent’s desire for the child to live? Why?
  14. Do you believe that children with special needs deserve the right to live or are disposable?
  15. What about children who are the by-product of rape?
  16. What do you think are the consequences for those individuals today when they see people frequently use their existence as a justification for why abortions must take place? That the world would be better if they had been killed?
  17. Do you realize that the Guttmacher Institute (a pro-abortion organization) did their own study on why women get abortions and discovered that the overwhelming majority of abortions were procured because a pregnancy “interfered with a women’s work, education, or ability to provide for dependents” (74%), while only 1% was due to rape, and 0.5% were due to incest?
  18. If you are troubled by the financial toll impoverished single-mothers face as they raise children or how full our foster care system is already, do you believe there are no other solutions besides killing a child to address that issue?
  19. Are there any other groups of people in serious need that should be killed as a solution to their problem? Immigrants? The homeless? The elderly?
  20. If that is unthinkable, then why is the extermination of unborn children not similarly off the table?
  21. What aspect of the recent Supreme Court ruling do you disagree with?
  22. Do you realize that the ruling does not criminalize abortion, but returns the decisions to states where the regular voter has more of a voice in this matter?
  23. Do you realize that under Roe v. Wade, America had some of the most extreme abortion laws in the world, more lax than nearly every other European country (47 out of 50), and stood alongside N. Korea and China in its level of access to abortion?
  24. Do you know that zero states have banned abortions in circumstances where the pregnancy would result in the death of the mother and/or child, including ectopic pregnancies?
  25. Do you believe depriving a woman the right to kill her child robs her of bodily autonomy?
  26. Do not many laws put strictures on what we can and cannot do with our bodies, especially when we intend to harm other people?
  27. What did you think of people using the slogan “my body, my choice” in reference to refusing being vaccinated or wear a mask during Covid? Did you think their right to “bodily autonomy” was warranted there?
  28. Does the child in the womb have a right to “bodily autonomy”?
  29. At what age should “bodily autonomy” begin?
  30. What do you believe the purpose of sex is?
  31. Does childbearing have any dimension in that purpose?
  32. Do you believe there should be any laws that constrict a person’s sexual activities?
  33. If not, what about crimes like sexual assault, or taboos like necrophilia?
  34. If you are frustrated by pro-life advocates opposing abortion while there are so many other social ills that seem to lead to abortions, what have you done personally to address those ills yourself? Do you volunteer at pregnancy centers or help single mothers or donate to clinics that help impoverished women?
  35. Did you know that there are more than twice as many pregnancy centers in America as there are abortion clinics where pro-life advocates give free resources, counseling, ultrasounds, diapers, formula, baby clothes, and much more to vulnerable women?
  36. If you believe that the Dobbs decision was a blow to women’s rights, what right did it deprive them of?
  37. Does the government create or recognize human rights?
  38. If you believe the government creates human rights, what would you say to past atrocities governments have committed in the past by denying rights to certain persons? If they create “rights,” then don’t they have authority to deny “rights”?
  39. If you believe the government recognizes human rights and then codifies them into law, then where do these rights come from in the first place?
  40. If you believe from God, then what do you think God thinks of the killing of children?

If you believe that abortion is the killing of a child, yet are troubled by the recent SCOTUS decision, then I hope these questions help you think through your reasoning more clearly.

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