Waiting Through Despair (Psalm 130)

The following is an unedited sermon manuscript; for an explanation of my sermon manuscripts, click here. *Originally preached May 16th, 2021* Sermon Audio: Waiting Through Despair (Psalm 130) Let’s begin today with the story of a king, Israel’s first king. In so many ways, Saul seemed like an ideal choice; he fits the bill of many successful … Continue reading Waiting Through Despair (Psalm 130)

Dating Q&A: Why would restrictions enhance joy?

Last night at Sola, (our student ministry) in honor of Valentine’s Day this weekend, we decided to take a look at God’s design and purpose for romance. After the sermon, we let students anonymously text in questions they had about love, dating, marriage and romance. However, in our short 15 minutes we had, we were unable … Continue reading Dating Q&A: Why would restrictions enhance joy?