Husband and Wife in Christ (Eph 5:22-33)

The following is an unedited sermon manuscript; for an explanation of my sermon manuscripts, click here. No sermon audio available *Originally preached August 22nd, 2021* Throughout the Bible God depicts His relationship with His people in many different ways: like a Father and a son; like a King and His subjects; like a friend. One way … Continue reading Husband and Wife in Christ (Eph 5:22-33)

Consider What Your Children Are Watching

The issue: The LGBTQIA+ movement has become ubiquitous in America, even in communities that are overwhelmingly conservative, rural, and far removed from urban centers. Technology and social media has made the distance between Nebraska and LA virtually meaningless (especially when LA makes all the TV shows people in Nebraska watch). Now, the companies responsible for … Continue reading Consider What Your Children Are Watching

Headship, Submission, and Abuse (Pt. 2)

What is authority for? Our culture has become hyper-aware to how the locomotive of authority can run off the tracks, creating the train-wreck of abuse. From police officers using unnecessary force, to CEO's exploiting employees, to spiritual leaders taking advantage of members, we hear story after story of individuals in positions of authority who abuse … Continue reading Headship, Submission, and Abuse (Pt. 2)