Art Explained: The Repentant Magdalene

Georges de La Tour (1593-1652) was a French Baroque painter best known for painting religious and genre scenes. Influenced by the work of Caravaggio, La Tour relied on the stark contrasts of light and dark (chiaroscuro). Unlike Caravaggio, who usually placed his source of light outside of the frame, La Tour placed it within, frequently … Continue reading Art Explained: The Repentant Magdalene

Entertaining Ourselves to Death: The Supersensorium

Does Art still matter today? In the vast tubes of the internet, I stumbled across this incredibly thought-provoking long-form essay, "Enter the Supersensorium: The Neuroscientific Case for Art in the Age of Netflix" by neuroscientist Erik Hoel. It is just over 7,000 words (about a 45-minute read), and wades into some dense neuroscientific jungles (gamma-aminobutyric … Continue reading Entertaining Ourselves to Death: The Supersensorium